Brochure Design

These brochures were improved by the words lining up and being the same size and font.The wording is also spaced so things are not crammed together making it easy for readers to read.  The color scheme is aligned to stand out and catch readers eyes. The pictures are created to give reader an thought of what to expect or expect to talk to.


Purchasing Item(s)

Yes, because how the item looks catches the future buyer eyes. Once, I was about to buy a twix but the color of the wrapper did not appeal my eyes so, I left it where it was. How the product feels when touched also helps with the purchase of an item. The color of the item may be valued also by a buyer like me.

History Poster

History posters are used to present data about someones life. My history poster is about Dr. Jonas Salk. Dr. Salk is known for creating the polio vaccine. Salk saved many lives by creating this long lasting vaccine in 1952.


Event Invitation

An event invitation is inviting someone to an event being held. Event invitatioons usually have a R.S.V.P. oto give event holder an idea of how manuy people to excpect at the event.


Cereal Box

A cereal box is a box that holds cereal inside. Cereal boxes must consist of color scheme to catch cereal customers attention. Along with cereal facts to provide customer with a thought of how cereal will taste or benefit them.



Coupons are a way of saving time along with money. Coupons are used for business and even for commercial use. They are essential in today’s society. Coupons help many to budget their money.